Av. 25 de Abril, Nº 20 | 7330-251 Marvão – Portugal | Tel +351 245 992 640 | Fax +351 245 992 500 | opoejo@ptnetbiz.pt
GPS: 39.41408,-7.351507
Reservas Online
Reservas: (+351) 245 992 640
Códigos GDS

Sabre: ON83757
Galileo/Apollo: ON64996
Worldspan: ONWLRAL
Pegasus: ON32833

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Livro de Hóspedes

Este hotel é fantástico,
Espero voltar a viver,
Esta experiência incrível,
Antes de morrer.
Este hotel é fantástico e a comida era extraordinária.
Família Oliveira Pinto - 3 Abril 2010

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Turismo Sustentável
Turismo SustentávelO Poejo
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Best Regions of Europe for Eating and Drinking

Guide to the Top Culinary Regions of……

The Alentejo, Portugal

Portugal, in general, is much overlooked as a foodie destaination. But head east out of Lisbon to the quiet contryside of the

Alentejo and you'll soon come to Portugal's newest wine region, eating pata negra from the famed Iberian black footed pig or

chowing down on Carne de Porco de Alentejana, pork with clams (recipe), a very interesting and tasty combination. Unlike many

southern destinations, Portugal is soup country, and the off-season tourist will be amazed at the choices. Chouriços, the most

popular of Portuguese sausages, contriibutes flavor to many dishes. It's a pork eater paradise, this Alentejo.

Take a trip on the Alentejo Wine Routes.
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By James Martin, About.com Guide